Savvy social media users are guessing it’s Lana Del Rey…

After Yas Marina circuit teased a clue hinting  at who will open the Yasalm Abu Dhabi After-Race Concerts on Thursday November 28 this year, Yas Marina Circuit have just dropped another clue for the still unknown Saturday performer – and social media users think they know who it is.

Normally, the artist who performs on the Saturday concert is well-versed in the pop genre, so this should help with your guessing.

Here’s the clue:


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It’s another crossword, this time asking for answers to seemingly random clues. If you can correctly guess these clues – you’ll be able to guess the final artist. Fans on social media have been suggesting the artist in question could be Lana Del Rey.


Well, the first clue asks for something which is variously referred to as The Golden State (Lana Del Rey mentions San Francisco in the lyrics for Looking for America). The second is another word for ‘having a great affection or liking for’ (Lana has a song called Love).

Next, fans are asked to name a red fruit with a single hard stone (she also has a song called Cherry), then another word for ‘become different’ (Change is also another of Lana’s hits). Finally you need to name an employee who mixes and serves drinks (which could refer to her song, Bartender).

Whoever the final artist is, they’ll join the already announced Travis Scott, who will take to the stage on Friday November 29, The Killers, who will close the show on Sunday December 1, and a still-to-be-announced star who will kick things off on Thursday November 28. Although not confirmed, it’s widely speculated this will be masked DJ, Marshmello.

What do you think?

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