The latest passenger pods are being exhibited at the 2019 Dubai Motor Show…

Sick of the daily commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai via car? Well, sometime in the future you could travel between the two Emirates in just 12 minutes thanks to the Virgin Hyperloop One.

Visitors to the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show have been given a glimpse at the actual-size “passenger pods” of the Virgin Hyperloop One, a super-fast tube system that will see capsules travelling at a spectacular speed of up to 1,123 km/h.

The 2019 Dubai Motor show marks the first time ever that Virgin Hyperloop One have exhibited at a world show, presenting the latest in the passenger pod design.

They’ve been stationed at the Dubai Motor Show since Tuesday November 12 and they’ll be there until Saturday November 16.

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The exhibition is taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre, and a visit to the Virgin Hyperloop One stand will allow visitors to learn more about the technology of the revolutionary travel system, as well as letting them test out sitting inside one of the passenger pod prototypes.

As well as reducing the hour-or-so travel time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to a little over ten minutes, the hyperloop could also eventually get passengers to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in just 48 minutes.

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Images: Virgin Hyperloop One Twitter