Due to weather conditions, waves are expected to reach up to 7ft high…

Heading to the beach this week? Dubai Police have issued a warning to beachgoers that sea waves are set to reach up to 7ft high.

On their official Twitter account on the morning of Tuesday November 5, Dubai Police advised Dubai residents, “for your safety, do not swim alone in places that have few people around.”

The warning comes due to rough weather conditions from the Oman sea that will affect coastal areas across the UAE.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) also released a report, saying that southeasterly winds up to 40km/hr were expected this weekend, making the sea conditions ‘moderate to rough’.

Beaches directly linked to the Arabian Gulf could see waves crashing on to the shore at 2 to 4ft high and those touching the Oman Sea are expected to see waves of 1 to 3ft reaching the shore.

Conditions if you’re swimming will be a lot rougher, with wave heights close to the beach predicted to reach 3 to 6 ft.

The NCM have been monitoring Cyclone Maha for a few days now. The tropical cyclone, which is currently racing through the Arabian sea, has recorded wind speeds of to 175km/hr in the centre.

The effects are expected to last until Wednesday, November 6.

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Image: Getty