The fine discount applies to those who haven’t committed a minor traffic offence in the past nine months…

Are you sitting on a fine or fines for a road traffic offences committed prior to February this year?

Well, did you know that you might be eligible for up to 75 percent off that fine if you haven’t committed any further offences in the past nine months?

Dubai Police launched their Traffic Violations Settlement Scheme in February 2019, rewarding Dubai motorists who adhere to good road conduct in the months after receiving their fines, with a discount of up to 100 percent if they manage not to accrue any further a whole year.

November marks nine months since the scheme started, meaning you could now be eligible for 75 percent off any accumulated fines received before February 7, 2019.

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When the scheme was launched, it meant that drivers who committed no road offences for three months would be eligible for a 25 per cent discount on their fines, no traffic offences for six months would mean 50 per cent off fines, 75 per cent off for 9 months and your license wiped clean after one year.

The discounted fine initiative applies only to privately owned vehicles, and won’t apply to cars that are registered with businesses, rental offices or companies, including public or private transport companies.

Individuals who live outside the state for more than three consecutive months from the date of the traffic violation cannot benefit from the initiative.

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