Sponsored: See the world’s leading Powerboats and Aquabikes battle it out in gripping races this December…

Do you have an unquenchable need for speed? Well, if it wasn’t quite appeased by the recent F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, fear not – there’s another F1 championship coming to the UAE – and this time it’s on water.

Sharjah will be hosting the annual F1H20 World Championship (for the 20th year running) and the UIM Aquabike World Championship (it’s 5th year), which will see the world’s fastest Powerboats and Aquabikes battle it out on the water.

The ‘Grand Prix of Sharjah’ will take place from Tuesday December 17 to Saturday December 21, with spectators invited to enter for free and watch every minute of the action from around the Khalid Lagoon.

So what actually are these championships? The U.I.M F1H20 World Championship will see Formula 1 Powerboats pitted against each other, flying across the water at incredible speeds of over 140mph on the straights.

Up to 20 of the world’s leading drivers will be taking part in the race and, if you’re a huge boat fan, you’ll be sure to ooh and ahh over the sleek and silently powerful catamarans that take part.

The UIM-ABP Aquabike Championship is globally regarded as the biggest competition for personal watercrafts and your breath will be taken away watching them zoom, skim and sometimes even flip to battle it out for victory.

As well as the adrenaline-fuelled spectacles out to sea, there will be plenty for the whole family to enjoy in Sharjah, like shopping in traditional souks or more contemporary shopping malls, seeing fascinating heritage sites or sightseeing at the stunning mosques.

F1H20 World Championships, Khalid Lagoon, Sharjah UAE, Tuesday December 17 to Sat December 21, free to attend. marcom.visitsharjah.com