Sponsored: From learning how to spin decks as a DJ to the art of printmaking…

The fall art season is nearly over and if you haven’t already, now’s the chance to check out Warehouse421’s amazing line-up of exhibitions and workshops during December 2019. Here’s a look at some of the workshops you can get involved with this month…

December 6 to 7: Sites and Surfaces

This workshop shifts the focus of an individual away from a finished product and more towards the actual process itself. With a focus on materials, architect and designer Talin Hazbar leads a tour through the industrial warehouses at Abu Dhabi’s historic Mina Zayed, where participants analyse the relationships between materials at different locations around the site. It runs on December 6 and 7 and costs Dhs120.

December 6: Building Beats

Ever wanted to be a music producer or DJ? Justine Perry (Art Bei Ton) a Berlin-based techno DJ will teach you how DJing equipment works, how to set up and how to start showcasing your own sets while Simonne Jones, producer, singer and composer, will teach you about music production. You will even have the chance to create your own song. Register your interest here for the class on December 6.

December 13: Photography Level 2

Conducted by Kathleen Hoare of Gulf Photo Plus, this intermediate workshop will teach you how to go on full manual mode for that next sunset or skyline shot. You will learn about HDR, panning, long exposure to allow you to capture shots exactly how the human eye sees it. Participants will also learn how to correctly use flash, read histograms, and play with light painting. You need to book your space for the class here and it costs Dhs595.

December 14: Printmaking (Lino Reduction)

This workshop is dedicated to the technique of lino reduction – a process that uses just a single block of lino wherein pieces of the block are cut away each time the print is repeated. Participants will get to create their own print work made up of two or three layers. It runs on December 14 and costs Dhs120.

Here are a few other workshop highlights…

– Structures of Impermanence exhibition ongoing until Sunday December 29

How to maneuver: Shape-shifting texts and other publishing tactics from Tuesday December 10, 2019 to Sunday February 16, 2020 

– Arabs and the City series on December 11, free

– Tolerance and intercultural dialogue as drivers for peace on December 11, free (registration is a must)

– Khayal Series on Saturday December 14, free 

– Photo Walk Documenting Facades on Saturday December 14, Dhs295

Warehouse421, Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi, course timings vary, fall season until December 2019. Tel: (02) 676 8803. warehouse421.ae