Be prepared for a drizzly Friday and Saturday in the UAE…

Residents across the UAE can prepare for a cooler, misty weekend with a chance of rainfall, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Moderate winds will cause blowing dust and sand across the country, with rough seas expected over the next four days. Temperatures could drop to as low as 16 degrees celsius, with highs of 28 along the coast, so you might want to rethink that beach day…

Thursday December 5 could see rainfall, particularly over the sea, with wind speeds reaching up to 45 kilometres per hour at times. On Friday December 6, there’s a higher probability of rain, with humidity causing mist and fog in the evening and early morning.

On Saturday December 6, the weather won’t be much better, and it’s likely to be a cloudy day with associated rainfall over islands, northern and eastern areas of the UAE. Watch out for poor visibility, as moderate winds will cause a stir with dust and sand.

Into Sunday December 7, there’s more convective and rainy clouds forecast, combined with the poor visibility. The combination of rainfall and blowing dust could lead to some flooded areas, so make sure you take extra care on the roads as you head out on your morning commute.

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And you can expect the same on Monday December 8, with cloudy skies and scattered rainfall across the country. Blowing dust will lead to poor visibility, with wind speeds reaching up to 50 kilometres per hour at times.

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