The two month-long sabbatical aims to help re-boost the country’s tourism industry…

Remember when Airbnb sent five volunteers on a month-long scientific mission to Antartica? Well now they’re on the hunt for a new set of participants, and this time they’re headed to The Bahamas.

Since Hurricane Dorian cause devastation in August 2019, The Bahamas has had to rebuild its tourism industry. Airbnb is offering five volunteers the chance to live ‘like an islander’ for two months and join the Bahamians in welcoming travellers back to their stunning country.

In collaboration with the the Bahamas National Trust, Airbnb will work with the Bahamians to support the growing industries of agriculture, ethical fishing, and coral reef revitalisation. The 700-island country offers an abundance of natural treasures including pink sand beaches, one of the world’s largest coral reefs and some of the clearest waters on the planet.

If you’re picked as one of the lucky chosen volunteers, you will need to be able to travel to The Bahamas, and stay for the whole of April and May, 2020. Over the two months, you’ll stay in three stunning island destinations: Andros, Exumas, and Eleuthera.

In Andros, you’ll work with underwater and travel photographer, Katie Storr, to create a coral reef restoration programme, and build a nursery to grow new coral. You’ll then move on to Exuma, where you’ll find The Bahamas’ first-ever national park and its famous clear waters. Here you’ll participate in conch conservation, traditional boatbuilding, and sailing.

Finally you’ll head to Eleuthera, a long thin island with pink sandy beaches. Researching native species, practicing traditional pineapple farming, and harvesting sea salt will be among your activities during the stay.

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“As The Bahamas rebuilds, it’s a privilege to work together with the Bahamas National Trust to support and shine a spotlight on a nation whose economies are benefited by tourism,” said Chris Lehane, Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Communications of Airbnb.

“This is a special place and anyone who has spent time on any of the islands that make up the nation is moved by the air, the sun, the beaches, the food, the communities and most of all the people,” he continued.

Those who wish to apply must be over 18 and speak good conversational English. Visit, and complete the application by February 18.

The chosen five volunteers will be announced on March 25.

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