The long-awaited re-opening could be ‘within months’…

Dubai Safari Park is set to re-open this year, according to Tim Husband – a former technical director of Dubai Safari Park. Speaking to Gulf News Husband said the park “will reopen this year for sure… maybe within months”.

The park closed its doors for the summer period on May 15, 2018 and visitors were disheartened to see it remain closed ever since. The park’s website promises ‘exciting changes coming soon’ although little other information has been given until now.

Tim Husband said the number of wildlife has increased, with many of the species breeding while the park has been closed, including hippos, zebra, donkeys, antelopes, monkeys, reptiles and birds. Other changes to the park include a revamped reptile house, more green and shaded areas, and an Adrenaline Park.

Reasons for the extended closure have been put down to the park not being ready to open in the first place, and damage caused by initial guests. Tens of thousands of visitors were granted complimentary entrance to the park in the first two weeks of opening.

Husband, who help set up the park, has moved to a new project in Saudi Arabia, but hopes that the team at Dubai Safari will soon set up a sponsorship programme.

“Animals are disappearing and zoos around the world hold a collection of animals, a living ark. In some designated national parks, zoos have helped to put the animals back into the forest. Dubai Safari will have a good gene pool of several species of animals, the seeds for the future,” he said.

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While we’re not sure of an exact re-opening date yet, we’ll keep you updated as information becomes available.

Image: What’s On Archive