Where did the blue skies go?

Residents across the UAE woke up to grey skies this morning as dark cloud swept over the emirates. On Sunday January 5, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued a UAE weather warning to be prepared for signs of dust, with winds blowing up to 40 kilometres per hour.

What can we expect from the UAE weather this week?

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On Monday January 6, there’s a chance of rainfall during the daytime, especially over the Northern and Eastern areas. You can expect a significant drop in temperatures, and NCM predicts the skies to be cloudy to partly cloudy in general, so say goodbye to that beach day if you were planning one. Be aware as moderate to fresh winds will blow dust and sand throughout the day.

Coming to Tuesday January 7, things aren’t looking much better. Relative humidity will increase as the day goes on, which could lead to fog and mist forming in internal areas. NCM doesn’t mention any chance of rain on Tuesday, however you can expect strong winds, reaching up to 40 kilometres per hour over the sea.

Wednesday January 8 UAE weather is looking dry but cloudy, with light to moderate Northeasterly to Southeasterly winds. While Thursday January 9 has a chance of rainfall as the cloud increases into the afternoon, scattered rain is expected across the country and over the sea.

Take care when making plans for the weekend as there’s a chance of rain on Friday January 10 as well. It looks like it will be quite windy, which means a high chance of blowing dust and sand across the country. The Arabian gulf sea is expected to be rough so be extra careful if you’re heading to the coast.

It might be time to think about buying an umbrella…

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