Oo La Lab specialises in fragrance design and mixology sessions…

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect fragrance, or dreamt of creating your own scent? Now, a super cool new fragrance lab has opened at Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue. Called Oo La Lab, the brand hails from Singapore but is now open in Warehouse 59 of the Al Quoz cultural destination.

Oo La Lab offers workshops for individuals or groups, whether it be for corporate events, a special occasion or just for fun. You’ll be guided by an expert to figure out the different fragrances, understand their origins, the science and compositions of a perfume followed by Oo La Lab’s creative programme: BUILD, MIX and POUR.

Not only will you be able to invent your own fragrance but also give it a personalised label with whichever name you choose and take home your new signature scent. If you don’t have time to make it to a workshop, but want to gift someone with a perfume creation kit, you can purchase brilliant mixology kits and gift sets.

“In the Middle East, using fragrance as part of culture and personal ritual, is as old as time itself,” says brand Founder and Creative Director, Mr Dan Terry. “Our experience in Asia has allowed us to design products that reflect the heritage of people and places with richly diverse stories, and now we wish to offer the same for the Middle East.”

The eau de parfum workshop starts from Dhs320 per person to make 20ml and Dhs470 for 50ml. You can even make your own soy-beeswax candle, where the workshop is priced at Dhs320 for 100 grams and Dhs470 for Dhs250 grams.

Oo La Lab, Warehouse 59, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, from Dhs320. Tel: (054) 741 0080. oola-lab.com | @oola.lab