Calling all coffee professionals and budding baristas…

We’re all making sacrifices by staying at home, but one thing most of us cannot do without is our daily caffeine fix.

If you’ve been perfecting your cold brew or mastering the Chemex in the kitchen, then this new coffee brewing competition has your name written all over it.

Dubai coffee boutique Mokha 1450 has launched the world’s first Home Coffee Brewing Championship. The first round of competition is running from today until April 28, with US$3,500 in prize money up for grabs.

To enter, upload a video of yourself to Instagram showcasing your home brewing technique, using the #homecoffeebrewingchampionship hashtag, and tagging @Mokha1450 and @whcbchampionship.


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Entries will be shared on the World Home Coffee Brewing Championship’s Instagram account and the global coffee community will then vote for their favourite presentation, technique and, most importantly, the coffee they’d most like to drink.

The first round is open from now until to April 28. Ten finalists will then be announced for the final round of the Home Brewing Championship on May 4.

The rules

  1. The coffee must be brewed at home
  2. Competitors should use whole specialty coffee beans if possible
  3. Have fun and be creative!

The prizes

The winner will take home US$2,000 in cash, a limited-edition hand-carved Chemex featuring Mokha 1450’s signature marabea design, and four bags of Mokha 1450 single origin coffee.

Second prize is US$1,000, a custom-made Aeropress, and two bags of Mokha 1450 single origin coffee, and third prize is US$500, a hand coffee grinder and a bag of Mokha coffee.

Organiser of the event and CEO of Mokha 1450 Garfield Kerr says: “In response to these trying times we’ve put together this special event to lift people’s spirits and provide those isolated in their homes around the world with an opportunity to come together around coffee, one of the world’s most unifying (and delicious) subjects.

“The beauty of this competition is that literally anyone can enter and get involved; all you need is a home brewing coffee gadget, and coffee!

“We hope the competition will spark discussions that will demystify brewing coffee at home, and give people stuck in self isolation the chance to connect with other coffee lovers, cafes, and baristas around the globe.’

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