Tips and tricks to keep your furry friend happy and healthy…

Pets across the UAE have experienced a pleasant surprise amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As more residents are working from home and social distancing, our respective pets are being rewarded with full time attention.

Despite using this opportunity to show your furry friend a little more love, there are a few ways to keep your pet happy and healthy, while following advised social distancing guidelines.

Here are a few tips to help you care for your pet while social distancing:

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Take long spacious walks

If you have a pet that is used to an active lifestyle, it’s important that this doesn’t grind to a halt. You can still take your dog out for a walk, but ensure to keep a two metre distance away from other people at all times. Instead of two or more walks per day, opt for one long walk to keep leaving and entering the house to a minimum.

Keep them active inside

In between walks, or instead if they are a less active animal, create fun ways to keep your pet active indoors. This could include playing fetch across the corridor with one of their toys, introducing a spinning activity to have them running in circles, or even join them for a jog around the house.

Adopt good hygiene practices

There is no evidence to suggest that pets can be carriers of coronavirus, however it’s good practice to wash your hands after interacting with your animal. Don’t allow them to kiss or lick you, and avoid sharing any food with your pet.

Be prepared

There’s no need to panic buy, but it’s important to ensure you have enough food available for yourself and your pet, in case you need to spend an extended period at home. If your animal requires any medication or other supplies, be sure you’re stocked up in case of emergencies.

If you’re unwell

If you become unwell or suspect that you have contracted the virus, ensure your pet will have the proper care in place. Ask a friend to look after your pet, or help out when needed. Avoid contact with your animal and refrain from leaving the house as much as possible. If you’re pet becomes unwell, phone your vet for advice.

Image: Unsplash