Sponsored: CAFU brings the fuel to you, with contactless top-ups across Dubai…

As restrictions start to ease in Dubai, residents are starting to get back on the road. While the official word is to stay at home unless you’re shopping for essentials or work in a key sector, when you do need to drive around town, you want to make sure your car is ready for the journey.

CAFU offers one of the safest and easiest ways to get fuel in Dubai. The CAFU team comes to you, to provided contactless petrol top-ups anywhere, anytime.

When you book a fuel refill via the CAFU app, you can avoid handing over cash or a card, and you don’t have to be in close contact with the pump station attendant.

By filling up your petrol tank without any person-to-person contact, you’re reducing your risk of encountering any germs or bacteria.

Refuel with Cafu Dubai

To help make motoring safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, CAFU shares the following tips:

Leave the fill-ups to CAFU: International studies have shown that the average petrol pump handle is 6,000 times dirtier than a public elevator button. When the dedicated CAFU pilots come to you, they wear a face mask and gloves throughout the entire service, and wipe down every surface between customers.

Clean your car: Use sterilising wipes to disinfect high-touch hard surfaces each time you use the car, including the steering wheel, gear shift knob, seatbelt and stereo.

Clean your keys: When you return home, give your keys a good clean with a sanitising wipe.

Ventilate: Keep the car’s windows open a crack between trips. Also ensure the air-conditioning filters are changed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and spray the vents with a disinfectant.

To book a contactless fuel refill with CAFU, download the app at cafu.com