Residents will need a new permit every time they leave their house…

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has announced the return of movement permits in Dubai. Now that the National Disinfection Programme has extended to 24 hours per day, the government requires everyone to obtain a permit before leaving their home.

Permits can be applied for online, where you will need to give your identification details and outline the exact reason for leaving your home.

Reasons for leaving include: shift staff, buying necessities, medical visit, military or security forces, medical staff, government supportive entities, logistics support personnel, media missions, education personnel, food and medicine stores, telecommunications sector and social care workers.

You need to include your car plate number (if applicable), emirates visiting (if applicable), address of starting point and destination, as well as the date and timings that you plan to be outside. Radar cameras are set to track violators of the traffic restrictions, who did not pre-apply for a permit.

Dubai Police announced that it has waived all movement fines issued by radar on April 4 and 5. However from now on if you do not have a permit, you will be fined and face legal action.

Exempt sectors and their employees do not need to register for a permit. However they must obtain a letter stating their movement to and from work. The paper should be presented when stopped by authorities or can be used to waive fines issued by radar.

It is advised to hold onto your shopping receipts as proof that you were out buying essentials, if this is the movement permit that you applied for.

Supermarket, restaurant, and food delivery are still running as normal so it’s recommended to utilise these services to avoid having to apply for a permit.

Dubai Metro and Tram have been suspended until further notice, however buses and taxis are still running. If you need to leave the house after 8pm, you should request an Uber or Careem service.

Hotline Tel: (800) 737 648.