The latest proposed plan for the F1 2020 season has been revealed…

Earlier in the year, the 2020 Formula 1 season start date was pushed back due to the the coronavirus outbreak, but now a new proposed schedule has been revealed. The race season will now begin in July and come to a close with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December, 2020.

France has missed out on its chance to host F1 this year, so the season will begin in Austria between July 3 and 5. During the beginning stages, it’s likely that the races will not have spectators, however organisers hope that this will change later on in the year.

The European season will continue throughout July and August as planned, before moving on to Eurasia, Asia and the Americas throughout September, October and November.

Formula 1 Chairman and CEO, Chase Carey, plans to finish up the season in the Gulf in December, including Bahrain before closing in Abu Dhabi. This means the entire season will have between 15 and 18 races instead of the originally planned 22.

“Although this morning it was announced that the French Grand Prix, due to take place in late June, will not be going ahead, we are now increasingly confident with the progress of our plans to begin our season this summer,” Carey said.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a huge event in any UAE resident’s calendar and one that will be sorely missed if spectators aren’t able to attend in 2020.