Get ready to channel your inner Mariah…

In a move made famous by the British Prime Minister, singing is a great way to ensure you wash your hands for an appropriate time length. However we’re sure you can get more creative than the lyrics to Happy Birthday.

Lucky Voice, Barsha Heights’ much-loved karaoke bar, is offering top prizes for people that channel their inner pop star while washing their hands. The Lucky Scrub Challenge invites people to film themself singing to their favourite karaoke song while washing their hands.

There’s plenty of prizes up for grabs, including Apple AirPods, brunch tables, karaoke sessions and more. Winners will be announced on April 16, so you have a while to get working on your best Mariah Carey impression.


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Prizes will be awarded to the person with the best video, the best male and best female, funniest video, most original video, the so-bad-it’s-good and the best singer. Submit your video via Instagram, by uploading to your Stories and send it directly to @luckyvoicedubai.

The best attempts will be included in a showreel, shared on Lucky Voice’s page, so make sure to put in your maximum effort for a chance to be featured and win those top prizes.

The lucky winners will be able to collect their prizes once the bar is up and running again. Until then, keep working on your vocal skills and remember to wash your hands.

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