And he’s calling on the children of the UAE to help him…

Sacha Jafri, a highly acclaimed artist is moving into Atlantis, The Palm for the next eight weeks to produce a record-breaking artwork. The ‘Largest Single-Painting Ever Created on Canvas by a lone Artist’ will be comprised of 30 panels.

For the first layer of artwork, which Jafri refers to as the ‘foundational heart and soul’ of the piece, will include artworks created by the children of the UAE. A website and phone number has been created for mini artists to send in their work.

The theme of the piece is ‘Isolation and Connection’ and children are invited to paint, draw and design anything to represent how they feel at the moment. Submissions can be uploaded online or sent via WhatsApp.

The project will raise funds for UNICEF, The Continual Uninterrupted Education of Children as well as hospitals, healthcare workers, emergency services response units, essential medical supplies and front-line defence, both nationally within the UAE and internationally across the world.

Jafri intends to build the piece with between 300 and 400 layers across many panels to produce one big artwork. Afterwards the panels will be individually auctioned to raise money for the key workers.

Atlantis’ huge space will become Jafri’s super-sized art studio for the next eight weeks as he prepares the giant piece. Once complete, Atlantis will hang the piece in its iconic hotel.

Any child between the ages of two and 18 can get involved with the project, and young ones can submit their entry with the help of a parent or guardian.