“Do the right thing, like heroes do…”

We’re used to seeing Bollywood star Salman Khan taking the lead in a fight against arched-eyebrow villainy on the big screen. But last night he stepped up to speak to the camera about a different type of foe.

Covid-19. His touching monologue, made in Hindi with English subtitles, warned Indian residents of Abu Dhabi — that although restrictions have eased, the fight against the coronavirus continues, and we must all take measures to protect ourselves and our family.

“The time has come for everyone to be a hero” he says

“Please stay unified, be careful and be patient … This is a very critical time where you must stay at home to keep your family safe”

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Khan, who has visited the capital several times, working on films such as Race 3, acknowledges that residents of Abu Dhabi are fortunate to be living where they do, “the people in Abu Dhabi are very nice and considerate … they won’t abandon you.”

The Dabangg actor also urged those showing symptoms, “a fever, a cough or difficulty breathing,” to go to the nearest medical centre and get tested.

Finally, in his sign-off, Khan asks us to “do the right thing, like heroes do…”

And that’s a message we would all do well to follow. Stay home folks.

Images: Twitter/Instagram