It likely means a day off work on Sunday, August 2…

If you’re wondering when the next public holiday will land in the UAE, then you’re in luck. A top UAE astronomer has predicted that Eid Al Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) will begin on Friday July 31, 2020, which could mean a public holiday on Sunday, August 2.

According to a report by Gulf News, Ibrahim Al Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, confirmed the date ‘astronomically’, back in May, 2020. The final announcement is dependent on the official sighting of the moon.

Al Jarwan’s prediction is based on calculations on the birth of the new crescent moon, which marks Dhuʻl-Hijjah – the 12th and final month in the Islamic calendar. Al Jarwan stated that the moon will be clearly visible after the sunset of Tuesday July 22, making Wednesday July 23 the first day of Dhuʻl-Hijjah.

Eid Al Adha is celebrated on the 10th day of that month, which means it will fall on July 31, 2020.

What is Eid Al Adha? According to tradition, Eid Al Adha is held to honour Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, after being instructed to do so by God. Prophet Ibrahim told his son of the dream, and the son then told his father to follow the order. But God intervened, sending a sheep to take his son’s place.

The occasion of Eid Al Adha is marked with a few days off, however, as with any Islamic holidays, decisions are based on the phases of the moon, so we won’t know the exact dates until the moon has been officially sited.

We’ll be sure to update you when the official date is announced… 

Here’s a list of public holidays coming up in 2020

Before you read on and start planning, do remember that Islamic holidays are based on the phases of the moon so we do not know the exact dates just yet. We will definitely, however, keep you updated when the holidays are officially announced.

July 29 (dependent on the moon) – Arafat Day

This holiday marks the second day of the yearly pilgrimage to Haj, and will likely mean a day off. It’s dependent on the moon, but likely to fall on Wednesday July 29.

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July 31 (dependent on the moon) – Eid Al Adha

The second Eid holiday honours Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, we typically get three days off for this holiday – so combined with Arafat Day, we’ll likely get at least a four-day weekend, but it could be longer.

August 23 – Hijri, Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year in 2020 will be celebrated with a public holiday on Sunday August 23.

October 29 – Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday

The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday will be marked with a public holiday on Thursday October 29, 2020.

December 1 – Commemoration Day

Formerly referred to as Martyr’s Day, this holiday honours the Emiratis who have died while protecting their country. It falls on a Tuesday in 2020, and combined with two days off for UAE National Day, will mean a five-day weekend.

December 2 and 3 – UAE National Day

2020 will mark the UAE’s 49th birthday, celebrating the unification of the seven emirates in 1971. We’ll get two days off on Wednesday December 2 and Thursday December 3, so combined with Commemoration Day, will mean five days off for those that usually have Friday and Saturday as their weekend.

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