The wheel has also been testing an epic light show…

Ain Dubai has reached a momentous achievement by completing the installation of its first passenger pod.

Once complete the much-anticipated attraction will have a total of 47 pods, making it the world’s tallest observation wheel.

Images have been circulating on social media, sharing the first pod and it’s currently proudly sporting a large banner to commemorate the installation, which took place on August 20.

Eagle-eyed residents have also seen the wheel alight with a rainbow of flashing colours in the evenings, displaying a mesmerising show as the lights travel from the centre to the edge and back again.


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Representatives from Ain Dubai state that the remaining pods will be added over the coming months, with no clear completion date mentioned yet. It is understood however that the wheel will be complete before Expo Dubai launches in October 2021.

The enormous wheel stands at a whopping 250 metres above its home on Bluewaters Island. From a distance, the solo pod looks tiny in comparison to the grand structure it has become a part of.

With only 46 more pods to go, we can’t wait to start seeing the exciting attraction take shape, as a new part of Dubai’s incredible skyline.

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