Here's how you get your refund from Emirates Loto

Emirates Loto have issued the details…

Emirates Loto have ‘temporarily paused’ their draws due to required system updates to enhance customer experiences. If you have a collectable that you did not use, don’t worry, because Emirates Loto have stated that they will be issuing refunds to all participants.

According to an announcement, all participants who purchased one collectable or more online after 8.30pm on Saturday July 11 have been refunded.

What if I have a collectable that I purchased online before that time?

Those who have purchased a collectables via the website or mobile app before 8.30pm on July 11, but did not enter a draw can submit for a refund on this form on the Emirates Loto website.

What about unscratched collectables bought from a store?

If you have purchased a collectables from a store that is unscratched, you can return them to the following spots:

  • Abu Dhabi: Metro Manila Hypermarket in Electra Street and Pinoy Manila Grocery in Defense Street
  • Sharjah: Metro Manila Hypermarket in Abu Shaghara Street and Metro Manila Supermarket in Al Wahda Street
  • Ajman: Metro Manila Hypermarket in Al Karama Area
  • Umm Al Quwain: Bu Basheer Supermarket in Old Industrial Area
  • Fujairah: Metro Manila Supermarket in Al Qala Street
  • Ras Al Khaimah: Gulf Hypermarket in Al Muntasir Street

A list of outlets for Dubai outlet will be announced soon on the website. 

What if I’ve already scratched the collectable? 

If you have a scratched collectable(s), and if you have won free entries into future draws, submit a refund form on the Emirates Loto website here.

The refund will be done through a bank transfer or in cash through any of Al Fardan Exchange branches.

Refunds will be done automatically or bank transfer within seven to 10 business days. You will be notified by SMS or email.

I’m still unclear…

If you have any further questions, Emirates Loto has a team of dedicated customer service agents who can be reached via the loto’s social media channels, via email at customer.support@emiratesloto.com or by calling (800) 5825 between 8am and 10pm. They will be available seven days a week.

When will Emirates Loto relaunch?

We don’t have much details just yet, but Emirates Loto will continue to work behind the scenes ahead of the re-launch later this year.

They also announced that they will continue to support communities across the UAE through philanthropic and CSR initiatives that are aligned with its corporate mission and values.

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