Sponsored: Two cultures meet in this visual tale of Arabian knights and the chivalric West…

Described by London’s Daily Telegraph as one of the 50 must-see exhibitions of 2020, Louvre Abu Dhabi’s exhibition Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West shines a spotlight on a stunning collection of 130 rare artifacts and artworks from dual militaristic worlds.

The inspiring exhibits date back to between the 11th Century and 16th centuries and include medieval armour, the instruments of war and horsemanship, and manuscripts depicting chivalric scenes.

Objects illuminating the stories of Islamic furusiyya (the Arabic term for horseman) and European knights are placed side by side, to observe the points where cultures connect.

Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West examines the origins of this warrior knight breed, chasing roots across Syria, Iraq, France, Spain and beyond.

We see how themes of courage, faith, loyalty and honor are central to the banners of both the Islamic East and Christian West.

And that the ripples of these enduring forces can still be felt today, in pursuits such as horse riding, jousting, polo, falconry, chess, medieval fairy tales and great works of fiction, such as Game of Thrones.

The collection strides beyond stories of religion and duty, war, plunder, nation-building, comradery and courtly love.

It offers answers to big historical questions. What were these cultures of furusiyya and chivalry? How did they begin? What happened when they faced each other in climactic historical periods? And how have chivalric values helped shape the modern cultural landscapes of the East and West.

Those inquiring minds that hold a fascination for history cannot afford to miss this, a regionally unprecedented exhibition, which draws from iconic cultural partners such as Musée de Cluny, Musée du Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Arts , Furusiyya Art Foundation among others.

There’s further great news to be found in the fact the exhibition has now been extended until October 18, 2020.

You can find Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island. Admission to the exhibition is free with entry to the museum. Tickets for which are Dhs63 for adults, and under 18s go free, get yours now at louvreabudhabi.ae.

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Architecture image H+C: © Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi / Photo: Hufton+Crow

Furusiyya_Press image: © Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi / Photo: Ismail Noor / Seeing Things