Sponsored: Masafi gives thanks with the #FightForHeroes Challenge

At the start of the year, the world came under threat.

The enemy? The novel coronavirus, causing the disease COVID-19, and the soldiers have been, in a way, all of us, as we continue to social distance and stay safe. But there are some that continue to work on the front lines, putting themselves at risk to save as many lives as possible. They are, of course, the doctors, nurses, researchers, and other health care workers working 16-hour days (or more), fighting to save lives.

Over the past few months, and in many creative and practical ways, the world has come together to give thanks to healthcare workers for their brave efforts in keeping us safe during the pandemic. From global applauses to restaurant food donations, communities and companies have bandied together to give thanks.

Masafi pledged to do their part as well.

By partnering with several key Gulf personalities – including radio presenter Kris Fade – they launched the “Fight For Heroes” challenge in a bid to inspire audiences to stay home, stay safe, and stay fit during the height of social distancing rules.

The challenge was simple: Pick up two 1.5L bottles of water and shadowbox straight punches for 60 seconds and then share it on social media. Check out the video below…

As well as the social media stars, more than 200 people joined in to shadow box – helping to kick-start a wave of appreciation for healthcare workers around the world. Participants from across the globe including UK, Australia, Brazil and Hawaii picked up the challenge to share their thanks to all the doctors and nurses on the front lines. The campaign even reached Murad Osmann – creator of the #FollowMeTo initiative – to join in the workout, helping the total number of video views reach a whopping 60,000,000 across all the influencer platforms.

For every share of the campaign and participation in the challenge, Masafi pledged to donate its bottles of natural water to hospitals in the UAE.

As a result, Masafi will deliver more than 14,000 free bottles of its natural water to the leading hospitals both private and public across the UAE.

While the campaign may be over, the importance of staying fit, healthy and hydrated remains. Why not give the challenge a go yourself…