The “medically-approved wristbands”  are the latest strategy for safeguarding our borders…

Etihad Airways has updated its travel policy for all inbound passengers into Abu Dhabi. The new requirements apply to both residents and citizens.

The destination guidelines on the Etihad website now state that after arriving back into Abu Dhabi airport, all international passengers are required to isolate at home for 14 days, and to ensure this quarantine requirement is fulfilled — are “required to wear a medically approved wristband for the duration.”

Whilst not explicit on the website, we spoke to an agent at Etihad who confirmed that these wristbands are equipped with technology to track location.


You’ll pick up the wristband from AUH airport officials after immigration, and the only permitted exemptions are for those holding diplomatic passports, individuals under the age of 18, or over 60, or those suffering from a chronic disease.

High risk

Etihad’s inbound policy also states that those countries arriving from countries deemed high-risk countries, you could be required to complete quarantine in a government facility. What’s On was unable to obtain a list of the relevant regions.

Other requirements

Whilst residents are no longer obliged to obtain ICA approval, it is recommended that you verify your status on the service, BEFORE you book your flight. Confirmation is instant.

It is essential to have a negative Covid-19 PCR test (obtained within 96 hours or intended arrival/departure from Abu Dhabi) — before you fly with Etihad (excluding those under 12)

You will undergo thermal screening at the airport and PCR testing for everyone over the age of 12 is mandatory. Passengers are advised that this process may take some time to complete.

Cover overseas

Earlier this month we reported that Etihad is now offering free global Covid-19 medical and quarantine cover. For more information on exactly what’s covered, check out our full story on the policy.


Tourists are still prohibited from entering by air.

Those entering Abu Dhabi by road

Those travelling into Abu Dhabi from Dubai currently need to show a negative Covid test result obtained within 48 hours of intended entry. You can find more information on our story about updates to the road border policy.

Now, visitors and residents staying in Abu Dhabi for six days or longer (includung permenant residents) will have to take a PCR test on the sixth day after entering the emirate.

Even if you live in Abu Dhabi, if you come back in, after having spent time outside the emirate – you need to take a PCR test on your sixth day back.

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