The airline will take care of your bills if you fall sick overseas…

Travel in the age of corona can understandably be a nerve-racking thing.

But Etihad Airways has alleviated a little of that anxiety by launching the Covid-19 global wellness insurance cover. The airline joins local carriers Emirates and Fly Dubai in the provision of similar insurance policies.

The pandemic policy is valid for anyone travelling between now and December 31, 2020 — and even if you’ve already bought your ticket, you’ve automatically been enrolled, there’s no need to do anything else.

Peace of mind

If the worst happens and Etihad ticket holders are diagnosed with Covid-19 during their trip, they’ll be able to claim both medical expenses and quarantine costs from the new Etihad insurance programme.

Talking about the development, Duncan Bureau, senior vice president sales and distribution at Etihad Airways said “The introduction of global COVID-19 insurance, in partnership with AXA, builds on stringent measures already in place as part of our Etihad Wellness programme, championed by our Wellness Ambassadors.

“This additional cover will not only instil confidence to travel but also reassure our guests that we are doing all we can to keep them safe and protected. As more countries start opening their borders, we are making it as easy as possible for our guests to plan their next trip, hassle-free.”

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Partners in claim

Etihad’s global Covid-19 coverage programme is offered in partnership with insurance industry giants, Axa.

They’ve got you covered

For a full list of terms, conditions and answers to FAQs, visit the Etihad website or call (04) 507 4002.

But, the overview is that, this is a pretty strong policy provided free by Etihad. With up to EUR150,000 0f medical cover and EUR100 per day (for a maximum of 14 days) of quarantine costs.

Before receiving any treatment you must obtain pre-approval from Etihad Covid-19 Global Wellness Insurance Cover by calling Axa on (04) 507 4007.

Although it’s important to note that the medical coverage is for those that have test positive for Covid only, the cost of testing is not covered.

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