Tuck into a ‘Burn Book’ special of Dubai’s most Instagrammable cupcakes…

If you were a teen in the early 2000’s, we bet you’ll be familiar with the smash-hit movie, Mean Girls. It’s the ultimate chick flick that has produced more timeless quotes than we can throw a burn book at.

If you know the movie well, you’ll know that October 3 is a particularly important date.

We are, of course, talking about the day that high-school jock, Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. She in return replied, “it’s October 3rd”, a monumental progression in their relationship at the time.

What better way to celebrate ‘Mean Girls Day’ than to enjoy the movie again?

Instagrammable Dubai cupcake brand Sugargram wants you to do just that, with a Mean Girls Netflix party, plus a special ‘burn book’ edition of their fabulous ‘itty bitty’ mini cupcakes. There’s even a themed t-shirt, so grab your girls and pencil the date in your diary.

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Sugargram’s 25-box of mini cupcakes will be getting a Mean Girls makeover, with a ‘burn book’ designed sleeve and amazing names for the bitesized treats, including Glen Coco for the chocolate one, Aaron Creamuels for the Oreo flavour, and Red-Gina George for the red velvet version.

October 3 falls on a Saturday (so no need to wear pink if you really don’t want to), and the Netflix party starts from 8pm. To join, RSVP by DM’ing Sugargram on Instagram with your email address and you’ll receive a link to join.

You can order Sugargram’s cupcakes and special Dhs50 ‘I’m not a regular cupcake, I’m a Sugargram cupcake’ t-shirt on Deliveroo or Chatfood.

Calling all plastics, this is going to be so fetch…