One Life Kitchen and Cafe will be celebrating international coffee day on October 1…

Fun fact: did you know that the coffee trade was born in the Middle East? In the 14th century the cultivation and trade of coffee beans for the purpose of drinking came from Ethiopia, and expanded to Yemen, Turkey and Syria, with all coffee plants located in Africa or Arab countries until the 1600s.

While that was a long, long time ago, our love for the stuff hasn’t faltered – with most of us consuming at least one cup per day to get us going in the morning. That’s why every year on October 1, we celebrate International Coffee Day.

This year, one of Dubai Design District’s most popular cafes, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, will be giving away free cups of coffee to every customer that walks through the door on October 1.


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You can even include your favourite non-dairy milk substitute at no extra cost. Whether you’re into an americano, soy latte, cappuccino, almond milk flat white, or espresso (the list goes on), all you need to do to receive your free coffee is snap an Instagram story of the cafe while you’re there.

You don’t need to order anything else (although you’re welcome to if something catches your eye) and it’s one coffee per person for everyone who posts an Instagram story at One Life.

The special offer is only available on Thursday October 1 so be sure to add it to your calendar and head to Dubai Design District ready to get your freebie.

One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Dubai Design District, Oct 1 8am to 6pm, free. @onelifedxb

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