And nope, it wasn’t on Jebel Jais…

Winter, *pauses Jon Snow-ally* is coming. In fact, according to the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, this year’s summer officially ends today, September 21, 2020.

Although it might not quite feel like time to go digging out the hoodies just yet, astronomically speaking — it’s the sun passing over the equator that gets the honour of officially calling time on summer.

And temperatures are dropping. A low of 17.5ºC was recorded this morning, in Damtha, not far from Al Ain. That’s down from a low of 20 degrees last week.

The coldest ever temp recorded in the UAE was  -1ºC, recorded in 2008, on Jebel Jais of course. The second coldest temperature can be recorded on any day Brian from accounts has control over the AC in our office.

Of course we’re not counting our meteorological chickens just yet. The moment you think ‘that’s the end of the heat’ — boom — two weeks of humidity.

And speaking of humidity, the recent morning foggy (in parts) weather is set to continue over the next few days. The National Centre of Meteorology’s (NCMS) forecast for the UAE, is also predicting the daytime humidity to rise yet further towards the end of the week.

So possibly best to give it a few weeks before you start working your way up the duvet togs.

Images: Getty