Sponsored: Does Samsung continue to deliver the goods with its latest line-up?

It’s been a busy few months for Samsung. Back in August, the tech giants launched the Galaxy Note20. In September, it launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Then, just earlier in October, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE dropped. In a clever attempt to show us all the best bits from each device, What’s On was invited to the Galaxy Creators Lounge in Dubai’s hip district Alserkal Avenue. Here’ s what we learned…

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Introducing your new flexible friend – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is clearly the only foldable phone you should buy in 2020 if you want that satisfying ‘wow’ factor when showing it off. It feels like you’re holding a smartphone from the future – a two-in-one device. When folded, it’s a standard, shiny smartphone with a long, thin display on the outside. Open it up like a sturdy book and you’ve got a neat tablet with a 7.6-inch expansive display that gives you more room to play — perfect for texting, talking, and gaming. Another cool feature is that it’s the master of multitasking. You can receive an email from a client, check the answer on the web, and answer via video chat all on the same screen without ever closing a window. Even when you have multiple apps open, they still function smoothly in their resized configuration. It’s also great for taking photos thanks to its flex mode, where you can prop the phone up for those longer-exposure shots.

For more info, visit: samsung.com/ae/smartphones/galaxy-z-fold2

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Sitting pretty in one corner of the Galaxy Creators Lounge were a collection of the S20 FE – the new fan edition (hence the ‘FE’) of the S20 variants and the brand’s most colourful series. Lined up neatly showcasing their six stunning pastel colour backs, we’re given a run-down of its neat specs. “The Galaxy S20 FE offers everything the fans wished for all in one phone, with high-end specs, impressive cameras and colourful options.”

The S20 FE features three rear cameras in the standard grouping of wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses. That means you can frame up the scene with the wide-angle camera, then go wider with the ultra-wide camera or zoom in up with 3x optical zoom on the telephoto camera. In short, the vast majority of users, including pro content creators, will no doubt love the photos it takes.

For more info, visit: samsung.com/ae/smartphones/galaxy-s20/galaxy-s20-fe/

Samsung Galaxy Note20

The Galaxy Note 20’s obvious point of difference to those less tech-savvy is its S Pen stylus, or as those in the Galaxy Creators Lounge called it, “the magic wand”, which can be used for everything from quick sketches to note-taking, signing legal documents, and even acting as a remote shutter for the phone’s cameras. There’s also ‘Air Gestures’, which enable you to use the S Pen just like a wand, waving it around to create actions. There are many other great features to this phone: The design is sleek and elegant without attracting lots of fingerprints; scrolling feels like butter; the powerful 50x zoom camera is very impressive; and the S Pen tricks are very addictive.

For more info, visit: samsung.com/ae/smartphones/galaxy-note20/