You’ll have to be quick if you want to enjoy it…

To celebrate the launch of the upcoming Palm Fountains, The Pointe has a new temporary attraction free for visitors to enjoy. For the next couple of weeks, visitors to The Pointe can experience the new water swing for free.

If you’ve been to the Rain Room in Sharjah, you’ll be familiar with the technology. Visitors positions themselves on the swing and push themselves through a water feature – but instead of getting soaked, the water will stop just in time to let you pass through splash-free.

The experience is fun for all ages, but will make you feel like a big kid in all the best ways. You’ll be given protective gear just in case the wind picks up, but the flickers of water make it all the more fun. As you strive towards the waterfall you convince yourself it will fall straight down onto you.

Cleverly positioned directly in front of Atlantis, The Palm, the experience looks even better at night. Especially as the water falls in the shape of the words ‘The Palm Fountains’, making for very cool video content with the iconic hotel in the background.

The swing is open to the public daily between 1pm and 10pm until October 29. The water stops as you pass through, but you’ll be given a waterproof poncho just in case to protect you from any splashes.

On Thursday October 22, the official launch of the Palm Fountains will take place. The first 5,000 guests will be given an LED wristband to wear at the event. All of the free registered tickets have gone, so if you want to be part of the action on launch day, you’ll need to book a seat at one of The Pointe’s restaurants.

There’s going to be plenty of action on the day, including a Guinness World Record break for the World’s Largest Fountain. You can also expect multiple DJ sets, dance shows, performers, and a huge fireworks show on the night.

The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, swing running 1pm to 10pm until October 29, Palm Fountain launch on October 22 4pm to midnight, free.