Sponsored: For that hot towel feel with every single stroke…

GilletteLabs has just taken some pretty bold new steps in the field of male home grooming.

They’ve launched a world-first. The Heated Razor, an innovative device featuring a stainless-steel warming bar that heats up evenly and immediately. The razor, which is now available in the UAE in The Art of Shaving Stores, gives the user that soothing hot-towel-glow with every single stroke of the blade.

Hot off the press

With the press of a button, the waterproof device’s temperature levels are adjustable to meet different preferences. The Heated Razor also features a built-in over-heat safeguard to make sure the razor meets the highest safety standards.

A cut above

As part of Gilette’s quest to provide the ultimate shave, the razor features other pioneering groom-tech such as the Advanced Five Blades Technology, which engages super-thin blades for a closer, more comfortable cut.

The Heated Razor also boasts Flexdisc Technology, ensuring the blade and warming bar maps every contour of your face.

As for charging, the first-class razor comes with a space-age wireless magnetic dock. The gadget’s lithium-ion batteries mean that after one full charge, you’re good for six full shaves. Making it super handy for those stays away.

And as a razor for discerning dapper gents, the premium-grade aluminum-zinc handle adds a touch of class to the device.


But how much does it cost to own this gateway into the future of shaving?

Less than you probably think. The new Gillette Heated Razor is available to purchase now, for Dhs772 across the seven The Art of Shaving Stores and on The Art of Shaving website. For store locations, or to buy the razor now, visit The Art of Shaving Stores

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