One to be aware of…

If you’re already making plans for next week, listen up. A circular issued by Dubai Tourism and the Government of Dubai has announced a dry night coming up in Dubai, and it starts on Wednesday, October 28.

On the occasion of the birth of Prophet Mohammed, there will be no entertainment or parties between 5.30pm on Wednesday, October 28 until 6.30pm on Thursday, October 29, which usually means no alcohol will be served either.

The circular was issued to all hotel establishments, resorts, restaurants, leisure and sports club, tourist companies and tour boats. This includes a ban on live music, performers, entertainers and alcohol, so make sure you plan your night accordingly.

Whilst it hasn’t yet officially been announced, Thursday, October 29 is expected to be a public holiday. We will keep you posted when we know more.

There are still some long weekends to look forward to in Dubai this year. They are as follows:.

December 1 – Commemoration Day

Formerly referred to as Martyr’s Day, this holiday honours the Emiratis who have died while protecting their country. It falls on a Tuesday in 2020, and combined with two days off for UAE National Day, will mean a five-day weekend.

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December 2 and 3 – UAE National Day

2020 will mark the UAE’s 49th birthday, celebrating the unification of the seven emirates in 1971. We’ll get two days off on Wednesday December 2 and Thursday December 3, so combined with Commemoration Day, will mean five days off for those that usually have Friday and Saturday as their weekend.

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