The record-breaking rides will be world-firsts…

It’s safe to say 2020 has been something of a rollercoaster year. And now, the latest news from Motiongate Dubai suggests that next year will bring its own ups and downs – but at least this time it’ll all be in the name of fun. In early 2021, two new rides will launch at Motiongate Dubai – and we can’t wait to take them for a spin.

new rides motiongate dubai

Here’s what we know…

The Lionsgate Zone at Motiongate Dubai will welcome two new rides in early 2021, inspired by blockbuster films John Wick and Now You See Me.

The John Wick ride will be the world’s first theme park ride inspired by the fast-paced Keanu Reeves thriller. Reaching speeds of up to 64 kilometres per hour, the John Wick: Open Contract ride will feature a 4D free-spin coaster that delivers a whopping 2.8 G-force. Brace yourself for some epic freestyle spins as your hurtle along the track.

Once you’ve found your land legs, it’ll be time to tackle the Now You See Me roller coaster. This bad boy promises to the the world’s fastest single-car spinning coaster. And to be honest, we’re dizzy just reading about it…

Inspired by the high falutin’ antics of the Horsemen, Now You See Me: High Roller will clock speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour. If the epic drops and non-inverted loops weren’t enough, it also features heart-stopping ‘Immelmann’ turns, spinning you around 180 degrees after entering a half-loop section, followed by a half twist. Phew.

While you’ll have to wait a few more months for these pulse-quickening new rides, from now until the end of October UAE residents can currently take advantage of a ‘buy one get one free’ deal at Motiongate. Visit to avail this special offer.

Lionsgate Zone at Motiongate Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resorts. New rides launching early 2021. Tel: 800 262 9464.