The Dry Age Boutique will offer a premium shopping experience…

Any steak-fanatic knows that when it comes to selecting the perfect piece of meat, quality is everything. That won’t be a problem for Dubai’s newest butcher shop, The Dry Age Boutique, set to open in January 2021.

Aiming to deliver a five-star experience, the boutique has been designed in a similar style to that you’d find at your favourite designer store. From the extravagant window display to the luxury packaging, the entire experience feels premium.

The new concept was created by Mirco Beutler also known as The Dry Ager Guy. His wealth of experience in the dry ageing business lead him to create The Dry Age Boutique, after spotting a lack of access to dry aged meats in the region.

Beutler said: “This will be the most luxurious and unique dry aged meat boutique in the world. We’ll take you on a culinary journey through various proteins dry aged from 28 to 100 Days and beyond.”

A tasting room will also be on site to offer consumers the chance to discover bespoke dry aged cuts. An associate will also offer you a selection of samples grilled to order by the boutique’s in-house chef.

“The varied selection includes cuts such as Cowboy Steak and the signature T-Bone and Porterhouse but that’s not all, The Dry Age Boutique will also stock whole lamb and locally raised camel ouzi. We’ll also have dry aged duck and fish. This will allow us to cater to a wide range of real food lovers,” he continued.

The boutique will be located in Wafi Mall and is set to open some time in January 2021. You’ll be able to find a huge range of dry aged meat available, including Wagyu grades up to 9, with prices starting from Dhs300 per kilogram.


Images: Provided