It’s a patty party and you’re all invited…

Ok, full disclosure… When we first heard the brand name, Grillzy — our first thought was UK sound cloud rapper, with massive quantities of dental jewellery. But we’re pleased to announce, that the real story of Grillzy, is an order of magnitude more exciting than that.

It’s all about the buns, huns.

Grillzy Burgers and Buns by Sergio Lopez is a box-fresh, delivery-only, Abu Dhabi-based burger joint that’s now open for orders direct via the website, and Deliveroo.

There are four meaty-bois to choose from (along with one that’s strictly veg), priced at Dhs45 each — and they look to be a glorious gastro-ghetto fusion. And we’re all about posh burgers that are a little bit naughty where they need to be.

Let’s ‘meat’ the team

The Get Down is built around grilled peri-peri chicken and is layered with crispy onion, chunky guacamole and pickled jalapenos for a fiery finish.

The Truffle Shuffle is a refined choice, packed Wagyu beef burger with pecorino cheese, truffle oil and rocket leaves.

Choose Swamp Dog Blues for a taste of the deep south, oat fried chicken with Alabama white sauce, lettuce, crispy shallots, tomato and pickles.

From Down Under is your dinkum dining hook up with a beef burger patty, grilled onion, lettuce, beetroot, beef bacon and cheddar cheese’.

The #YumGood is a solid vegetarian creation with a mushroom patty, mozzarella, lettuce, crispy shallots, zaatar and mayonnaise’

Side chip

You can complement your bun selection with traditional diner-style fries, curly fries and sweet potato fries.

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And their signature dessert is a sticky doughnut-esque bun loaded with oozing yum stuff (Dhs35). There’s a Cherry Berry bun which comes with sour cherry, berry and rose custard; the Honey Pot, filled with orange blossom and honey custard, and the Double Dip bun filled with chocolate chip caramel and custard.

The restauranteur (many will know as the creator of Sanderson’s and the ‘Serg’ half of Tom & Serg) behind Grillzy, Sergio Lopez commented: “We have created Grillzy Burgers & Buns, because we saw a demand from our customers for a bit more gourmet burgers.”

“We had comments from our patrons looking for awesome, simple tasty burgers and we decided to create something unique to Abu Dhabi and give them just that. This simple menu will satisfy anyone’s burger craving. Paired with our fun buns and you can’t go wrong!”

Based in Al Seef Village area. Open now for orders direct via the website, or Deliveroo.

Images: Provided