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Sponsored: These memories tell a unique story of Marks & Spencer through the eyes of British folk in Dubai…

The holidays are – of course – going to look a little different this year. There won’t be mass gatherings to watch the fireworks; there may be fewer festive concerts; and you might not be flying home for Christmas this December. And while this may turn out to be one of the more unusual holidays of our lives, Marks and Spencer aims to spread holiday cheer as it’s done for decades. In the spirit of festive revelry, a few of Dubai’s British residents share their earliest M&S memories, and their must-have M&S treats…

Laura Coughlin (Head of Content – What’s On)

What’s your earliest M&S memory? My earliest memory of M&S was when my best friend at school got a job at our local store. We were so excited, thinking about all the Percy Pigs and Colin The Caterpillar cakes we would get to eat. We clearly didn’t understand the concept of working back then…

What’s your must-have M&S Christmas essentials? Mince pies, the plain delicious buttery ones, baked for about 10 minutes in the oven, and served with a cup of tea – M&S’s extra strong gold label. That is how I dream of starting every morning in December. Don’t tell my PT.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?  This year is obviously going to be a little different to other festive holidays as I won’t be able to travel and be with my family. Instead, I predict a lot of festive Zoom calls, and fun spent here with my friends.

Paris Norris (Content Creator, @guyindubai)

What’s your earliest M&S memory? My earliest memory was when I was four years old. My mum had bought my first school uniform, but I needed a nice pair of shoes. So she took me on an outing to town and we went to Marks & Spencer for my first pair of school shoes. She made sure I knew that I was wearing a very nice pair of shoes from M&S. I really did love them.

What’s your must-have M&S Christmas essentials? For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Christmas jumper, but one thing that I love from M&S that I’d always get in my stocking was a jar of pickles or chutney because I love it on crackers with cheese.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? This year I’ll be spending Christmas in Dubai. I wish I was going home because I love spending it in the UK. But I have my cousin here so I’ll be going over to her house with my other half for lunch and hopefully it’ll be a jolly – and warm – Christmas in Dubai.

Nick Alvis and Scott Price (Owners and chefs at folly)

What’s your earliest M&S memory?
I remember being a wee lad and going to Carlisle with my Mum and Nan. If I was good, and I was really lucky, then they’d buy me afternoon tea from Marks and Spencer.

What’s your must-have M&S Christmas essentials?
Mince pies. You’ve got to have Marks and Spencer’s mince pies. I even bought a packet yesterday. You always have to warm them in the oven and serve them with double cream. Delicious. 

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? We’ll both be spending Christmas in the restaurant [folly] this year. Both our families are visiting Dubai this time, so it’ll be really nice. Hopefully we’ll be able to sit down and get some turkey ourselves.

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