We can almost taste that Oporto chilli sauce…

For Australians living in Dubai, we’ve got some news to cure any residual homesickness: Oporto is bringing its legendary Portuguese chicken burgers to Dubai for the first time ever.

The brand first took to Instagram back in September 2019 that it was coming to Dubai, but since then… crickets.

We can now reveal that Oporto’s first foray into the UAE will open soon in Dubai Festival City. Yesterday, an eagle-eyed Aussie shopper noticed the Oporto’s hoarding over a shopfront in the mall, and quickly shared the snap via WhatsApp.

oporto bondi burger with chilli

What’s all the fuss about Oporto’s then?

If you’re not familiar with the Aussie burger chain, let us give you the lowdown. Born in the beachside suburb of Bondi in 1986, Oporto is famed for its Portuguese-style chicken burgers, slathered in a lip-tingling chilli sauce.

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When Oporto chicken burgers opens in Dubai, the Bondi burger will be your go-to. You’ll want to order that bad boy with two flame-grilled chicken breast fillets (you can also go single or triple, but we reckon double is the sweet spot), cheese, mayo, lettuce and the signature chilli sauce.

Really, it’s all about that Oporto chilli sauce, a slick, peri peri-esque combination of chilli, ginger, lemon and garlic loosely bound with oil. It delivers a slow, deeply satisfying burn. Order an extra tub to add as you go.

You’ll also want to order the hot chips with a side of prego sauce, a creamy mayo-meets-barbecue combination that’s perfect for dipping your chippies into.

Beyond the burgers, Oporto also serves cracking-good flame-grilled Portuguese chickens, available by the quarter, half or whole bird. There are salads, too, for a complete meal.

While the hoarding is still up for now, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on that Dubai Festival City shopfront. And we’ll be first in line for a Bondi burger when Oporto finally open its doors in Dubai.

Visit: @oporto_ae