Two girls. Six burgers. Here’s what went down at High Joint Dubai…

On our constant search for Dubai’s best burgers, What’s On paid a visit to High Joint in Al Manara, and worked our way through the entire menu. Here’s how each of the High Joint burgers stacks up.

high joint chicken cheese

Spicy Mango Slaw Chicken

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Sarah: Our first burger of the night is the spicy mango slaw chicken (Dhs37). Whenever we get High Joint delivered, it’s the chicken burgers that travel the best, so I fully expected to rate this bird-based burg as a top contender. With its buffalo sauce, tender breast of chicken, jalapeno slices and sweet-tangy mango slaw, it’s a flavour-packed mouthful but, for me, it’s quickly overshadowed by its beefy brethren when consumed in situ. 7/10

Aarti: Being a pollotarian (whose always ready to try new things) this burger was on my mind all day before I headed off to High Joint in the evening. And it didn’t disappoint, ticking all the boxes that I consider make up a great (chicken) burger – a great sauce, a tender chicken breast with a delicious crunch, and just the right amount of spice and tang. Without a doubt, would order it whenever the craving hits. 9/10

High Burger

Sarah: This really is everything you want in a cheeseburger: beef patties that are crisp at the edges but juicy throughout, American cheese, a little frill of lettuce, slice of tomato, and a mayo-based sauce. Simple but spectacular, it’s surely one of Dubai’s best cheeseburgers. For best results, order double patties and consume immediately. 9/10

Aarti: I’ve ‘seen’ enough cheeseburgers in my life to know what goes into a classic beef burger. Sarah definitely enjoyed it, but it had too much of a meaty taste for my liking. It wouldn’t be the first one I’d order when I go back to High Joint but still a definite 6.5/10.

high joint smokey millionaire

High Jamz

Sarah: There’s something about the High Jamz (Dhs39) combination of crunchy tempura onions, jammy caramelised ones, melty pepper jack cheese, umami-bangin’ beef bacon and an Angus patty that get me every time. 9.5/10

Aarti: The great thing about this burger is the variety of flavours you will experience when you bite into it, not to mention the different textures. The ranch sauce was delicious and paired well with the crunchy tempura onions and cheese, which worked great as it helped mask the meaty taste. 8/10

Millionaire’s High

Sarah: The room was split on the millionaire’s high (Dhs45). Whereas Aarti was mad for the truffle mayo, pickled onions and provolone, I found it a tad too intense for my liking. 6/10

Aarti: Aptly named the millionaire’s high, this burger instantly caught my attention when the lovely Gabi from High Joint said it had truffle mayo. The unique flavour from the truffle worked great with the provolone cheese and portabello mushrooms and I kept finding myself going back for ‘just another bite’. 8.5/10

High joint shroom crab

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King ‘Shroom

Sarah: This was the surprise hit of the night. The king ‘shroom (Dhs40) is like a pared-back version of the millionaire’s high, with an earthy mix of sauteed and tempura mushrooms, plus a fresh garlic aioli to cut through the richness. 8.5/10

Aarti: I agree wholeheartedly with Sarah on this one. The mix of tempura mushrooms and delicious aioli helped balance out the meaty taste for me and made this burger almost as good as the millionaire’s high. If only I had a bigger appetite I would have wolfed down an entire burger all by myself. 8.5/10 

Crabby Pattie

Sarah: You have to hand it to the High Joint team. In a shoebox-sized kitchen on a backstreet in Al Manara, they’re constantly coming up with new burger combinations. Current star of the not-so-secret menu is the crabby pattie. It’s an attention-grabbing assembly of crumbed and fried soft-shell crab, legs akimbo in a pillowy bun, piled high with a peanut and sesame slaw, wasabi mayo, and the briny pop of fish roe. It’s a lighter, brighter alternative to the beef burgers, but it still packs a serious flavour punch. 8/10

Aarti: This burger looked great and therefore would do wonders for anyone’s Instagram. This burger literally has an entire crab nestled between two buns – body and all the legs intact. The unique pattie is coated in a crunchy coating which did make it a tad messy to eat, but of course, it tasted great with the addition of fish roe giving it that extra punch of the sea. 7/10

Verdict: While we may have had different favourites on the night, there’s no denying High Joint is at the top of the burger game in Dubai. Dr High and his team are using quality ingredients to create classic burgers and inventive specials.

High Joint, Al Manara, Sun to Thu noon to midnight, Fri to Sat noon to 2am. (04) 2681586.