Sponsored: You’re in for a delicious cheese-filled experience…

If you love all things cheesy, then this new digital pop-up will be right up your alley. This fun pop-up website from Cheeses From The USA includes blocks of the delicious goodness, including educational videos, recipes, quizzes and even a filter.

From now until December 13, all you need to do is head on over to usacheeseexperience.com/jukebox powered by U.S. Cheese and allow them to lead you on a virtual and interactive journey through the cheese aisle of the USA.

Here are three things to watch out for during the U.S. Cheese Pop-up…

The Jukebox


When you load up the U.S. Cheese homepage you will come across a unique 1950s themed jukebox, unlike one you’ve ever seen before. Instead of music, the jukebox will showcase a variety of different U.S. cheeses available in the local market.

Select the U.S. cheese that interests you and then learn more about it, from the flavour and texture to perfect pairings and more.

This fun and interactive page will also include recipe ideas using your chosen cheese, complete with the full list of ingredients, measurements, methods and a step-by-step video. You can also download the full recipe booklet from the site, so you’ll always have cheesy recipes on hand.

A Cheese(y) Story…

Also on the website, under the section titled A Cheese Story, you can catch a fun and educational video about top-quality U.S. cheese, from cheesy animated characters.

You can find a full library of recipes using U.S. cheeses, and browse for the nearest stock of your favourite U.S. cheese.

Fun fact: The USA boasts more than 1,000 different cheese varieties.

More fun!

For more great fun, head to the ‘take the cheese matchmaker’ section for an interactive quiz. Answer a few questions and the 1950s style jukebox will match you with a specific cheese to suit your personality.

And finally, share your cheese obsession by heading over to @usacheeseguildme Instagram and clicking on the ‘USA’ highlight. Take a selfie using the filter and the app will tell you what type of cheese you are.

Nothing gets cheddar than this.

To visit the virtual cheese pop-up, visit: usacheeseexperience.com

Images: Cheeses From The USA