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If you’ve been in Dubai for many years, you probably already know the answer to the question: what was the first party brunch in Dubai? Brunch has become a part of our everyday vocabulary in recent times, but 15 years ago that wasn’t the case.

Back in 2006, word started to spread of a ‘Friday Bubbly Brunch’, this weekly party could be found at Yalumba, and began to draw quite the crowd. The brunch was one of the first to offer free-flowing champagne, but the only place with a live band and DJ to create a party atmosphere.

Guests could dine on as much food and drinks as they please, an indulgence we’ve become accustomed to in 2020. Over time Yalumba brunch began to grow, increasing its champagne offering and regularly switching up the buffet and a la carte menu.

The DJ played a mix of tunes from the 1970s and 1980s, where people would hit the dance floor and carry on until long after the brunch was over. Luckily there was a happy hour throughout the after-brunch party.

Each month there would be a one-off event with different themes, from a mid-summer Christmas brunch, to a Mad Hatter’s brunch, hangover brunch and Australia day brunch to name a few.

So, it seems not a lot has changed since brunch’s inception 14 years ago. There maybe a lot more offering nowadays, but the concept remains true. People coming together to for good food, plenty of drinks and a fun time on the dance floor.

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Yalumba’s Brunchology continues to this day, and many long-standing Dubai residents still flock to it. At just Dhs259 with four hours of house drinks though, it remains one of the most affordable brunches on the market.

Friday Brunchology, Yalumba, Le Meridien Dubai Airport Hotel, Fridays, 12.30pm to 4.30pm, Dhs259 house drinks, Dhs529 premium drinks. Tel: (04) 702 2455. yalumbadubai.com