Want abs and a rock-hard bod? It’s time for the Barre Effect…

A mix of Pilates, dance and yoga, at first glance the brand new Barre Effect doesn’t sound overly challenging. In the Insta-snaps the ladies all look relaxed and, well, zen-like. But don’t be fooled into thinking this class won’t be the workout of your life. From start to finish your legs, bottom, hips, back, abs and arms will be in constant motion, moving through various exercises linked to the basic ballet positions.

Founder Nora Hameidani and her team of highly-trained instructors will take you seamlessly through the routine, which focuses on low-impact, high intensity movements to tone your frame.

Don’t expect a class full of laidback yoga-bunnies – the ladies here are ready to sweat, but everyone is friendly, beginners are welcome, and Nora is always ready with encouragement or snippets of advice to help you get the most from the class.

We chatted to owner Nora, to find out more…

My first time teaching barre was in 2010 in NYC. I was young and nervous. My performance experience until that point was in dance, never at the front teaching, so hearing yourself on a mic leading a group and motivating them was a whole other story. It took me six months teaching 15 classes a week until I started to feel comfortable.

To be a strong barre instructor it takes so many different qualities. Musicality, body awareness, and sequencing, which comes naturally from a dance background. Also confidence, command of a class, personality of connecting with the clients, and learning to challenge your clients while still being supportive.

It was never a goal to open my own studio. My focus has always been on gaining more experience to better myself. But this year I realised there was a need for a strong barre studio that was both a place to get a great workout but to also to feel part of a community. I truly believe in the method and have seen first-hand its results, so I wanted to share the ‘effect’ with more women.

I want to provide the best barre workout in Dubai. Barre Effect comes from my passion for the technique and for teaching, and the insight that a studio is only as good as its instructors. That’s why I hand-picked the best instructors in town. I want women to know that when they finish a  class they’ve not only accomplished a challenging workout but they leave with positive energy and feeling part of an empowering community.

I have two young boys – Dylan and Zayd – so when I’m not at Barre Effect, I’m probably chasing them around at a beach or park.

Barre Effect is set to open in January 2021. Al Ferdous Building, Al Wasl Road, Safa 1. @barreeffectdxb