Sponsored: How’d you like to get the Chicken McNuggets for nada…?

The new McDonald’s Rewards Program has now launched in the UAE and it’s a pretty big deal.

Exclusively available on the McDonald’s App, the new program allows users to rack up points by purchasing their favourite menu items.

And what do those points mean? Tasty little prizes. Diners can use the points as culinary currency, exchanging them for orders such as a Big Mac Meal, Chickenburger Deluxe Meal, Ice Cream Sundaes, Donuts and more.

How it works

Step one: Download the McDonald’s App through the App Store or Google Play and register. Or, if you’re already a registered user you will automatically be enrolled in the McDonald’s Rewards Program.

Step two: Now you’re ready to start collecting points. All you need to do is scan the QR code before completing the purchase. 

You can pick up points whether you buy from the restaurant counter, Self-Ordering Kiosk or from the Drive-Thru service. 

Eyes on the fries

You get 10 McDonald’s Rewards points for every Dhs1 spent, and they’ll even give you 100 bonus points for your first scan. 

From there you can start cashing in on your accumulated McDonald’s Rewards points. 

Get Chicken McNuggets for nada, Chicken Mac sans the tax, or a Veggie Deluxe for zero bucks. 

In addition to the points, McDonald’s App members can also access amazing exclusive deals. 

Currently on the App, there’s a two Big Tasty regular meal deal for Dhs40 and an epic lunch deal that includes two Chickenburger Meals, six pieces Chicken McNuggets and two Ice Cream Sundae all for just Dhs32. Hurry up and catch these deals just in time before they get replaced!


And that’s just for being a member, no points need to be exchanged. 

If you’re a fan of classic comfort food, you need this App on your phone. It just makes sense. 

Download the McDonald’s App now through the App Store or Google Play and register for free.

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