Sponsored: Come for the Instagrammable interiors, stay for the stellar coffee and global bites…

Dubai residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to top-notch coffee shops, but it takes something special to be on the hit-list for visiting tourists, too. In the two years since it opened, Rx Coffee Apothecary has become a must-visit destination for global caffeine fans, who seek out its world-class coffee and Instagrammable interiors when visiting Dubai.

For Dubai residents, however, it’s still something of a hidden gem, tucked away in Jumeirah 3 just off Al Wasl Road.

And much like the apothecaries of old, Rx Coffee Apothecary practices a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. First, there’s ‘The Body’, comprising an extensive menu of cafe favourites from around the world, from Turkish eggs to Japanese sandwiches.

rx coffee apothecary cheesecake

Next, ‘The Mind’ is enlivened, thanks to the extensive coffee selection. And finally, ‘The Soul’ which is cared for by the beautiful sweets, including the luscious, must-try Parklane Cheesecake.

If you’re yet to pay a visit to Rx Coffee Apothecary, there’s never been a better time to check it out. To celebrate its second anniversary, the design-savvy cafe has launched a range of new dishes.

Highlights include the incredible black truffle khachapuri, the Georgian-style flatbread loaded with feta, mozzarella, parmesan and a quivering egg yolk. There’s also the locally inspired umm ali and mahalabiya toast, with karak sauce and crushed pistachios, which eats (and photographs) like a dream.

And while the food is worth a visit in itself, the coffee is the star of the show. The owner has painstakingly sourced light-roast Fuglen beans from Japan and Norway, with expertly pulled espressos and filter coffees of all persuasions served in handcrafted ceramics.

The apothecary theme is evident across the interiors. On the ground floor, the Brew Bar is lined with small wooden drawers like you’d find in an old pharmacy, and coffee filters are arranged like old-school medical equipment.

rx coffee apothecary

Climb the staircase to the light-filled dining room upstairs, and you’re greeted by a wall of vintage bottles, each labelled with an inspirational quote in one of 30 different languages.

Here, the artwork-lined walls, vast communal table and rust-coloured banquette make for a cosy, creative space to work solo or catch up with friends.

At Rx Coffee Apothecary, no detail has been overlooked. Just be sure you don’t overlook this hidden gem either…

Rx Coffee Apothecary, Al Athar St, Jumeirah 3, Sat to Wed 8am to 11pm, Thu and Fri 8am to midnight, @rxcoffeedubai