Forty reasons to love the UAE, inside the amazing new Topgolf Dubai, new beach clubs, restaurants, and much more…

We love the UAE. We love its people, its places, and its idiosyncratic little quirks that make no sense to anyone other than those who insist on them being there in the first place. We love the weather (mostly), the food (always), living life on the beach, living life at night, and the sheer adventure of being in a country that’s surrounded by desert. We’re at our happiest when we’re surfing, paddle-boarding, diving, brunching, racing, skiing, driving.

We love the UAE, and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

This month’s What’s On is a celebration of the UAE and all the brilliant things that living in this great country we call home represents. We’ve selected 40 fun things that we love – although we could easily have done a lot more – and we’re sure you’ll love them too.

One of those things we love is golf. Now, it’s fair to say I’m probably not the world’s biggest golf fan. Yet despite that I genuinely love Topgolf Dubai, the brand new, ridiculously fun entertainment destination that has opened in the city. Not sure what I’m waxing lyrical about? Click through to page 13 for the full lowdown on everything to do with Topgolf and its general awesomeness, or take a look at our exclusive reveal right here.

Enjoy our Abu Dhabi and Dubai issues everyone. Just like the UAE, we love you lots, too.

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