Brilliant hidden gems, Valentine’s Day dinners, alternative therapies, new restaurants, brunches and much more…

At times this past month the What’s On team’s conversations have sounded like we were making maps, not magazines. “You know that café with the blue chairs? Turn left there, go past that shop that sells saucepans, and it’s on the right. Behind the car park. Next to the tree.”

The reason for these descriptions of Dubai’s geography has been our quest to find the city’s hidden gems. In my 10 years here, I’ve tried to see the best of what the emirates has to offer. Yet we all know that Dubai moves at an incredible rate, and while it’s easy to be caught up in the bright lights and bling, you need to scratch below the surface to discover the real treasure. Flick through our digital issue to page 22 for hidden places to eat, relax, learn and play.

Also this month we’ve been doing a spot of daydreaming, imagining what life could really be like if money were no object *sigh*. Check out p32 for our VIP in Dubai story.

Finally, we have lots of alternative therapies for you to try this spring. Be warned, there are no quick fixes here – sorry people, some of these methods may just make you have a good night’s sleep, which might not be such a bad thing.

Meanwhile in our Abu Dhabi mag we bring you our definitive guide to delicious morning meals, which boasts our very favourite spots for breakfast. And every one of them a breakfast beauty.

Away from the most important meal of the day, we’ve been doing yet more to help improve the quality of life in your household, with our Valentine’s Day special. Whether you’re an old romantic or think it’s all a made-up swizz to finagle more money out of you (cynic), you now have all the information you need to ensure your loved one has the day of romance they were expecting.

Enjoy our Abu Dhabi and Dubai issues everyone.

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