The ‘Thrive in Abu Dhabi’ campaign is aimed at attracting the cream of the global talent pool…

‘Thrive in Abu Dhabi’ is a new project to help reach talented Individuals across the world and demonstrate the benefits of setting up home in the emirate.

It’s a programme aimed at rock star creatives, professionals, sports stars, educators, scientists, healthcare specialists, engineers, students, and investors.

Once spotted, these leaders of tomorrow will be offered the potential of long-term visas, and shown the roadmap to obtaining citizenship in this nurturing, safe and supportive nation.

It’s also about giving these outliers the opportunity to contribute to the sustainability and intensity of Abu Dhabi’s bright future.

How do I qualify for these long term UAE visas or citizenship?

If you believe you’ve got the goods, or if you’d simply like to learn more about the Thrive in Abu Dhabi project visit the website or call (02) 666 4442 or 800 555.

Creative talent

Abu Dhabi already boasts some huge, globally-exhalted names in the exhibition and nurture of culture.

The ‘Creative Visa’ will be issued in line with the Department of Culture and Tourism’s (DCT) five-year Culture Sector Strategy for Abu Dhabi. This covers five key aspects:

To “preserve and sustain Abu Dhabi’s cultural heritage; increase awareness of, and engagement with, cultural heritage and the arts; stimulate creativity as a driver for education and social change; build and enable capacity in Abu Dhabi’s culture sector; contribute to economic growth and diversification”.

Student talent

Abu Dhabi is also on the hunt for students with a PhD or those currently enrolled at high school or unversity with records that demonstrate promising scientific acumen.

Innovators are also keenly sought. In this corner of the UAE you’ll find well-established funding channels (such as the Ghadan 21 Dhs40 million competitive research grant), a ‘dynamic R&D ecosystem’ and cutting edge tech.

With a strong network of academic institutions offering courses in ‘skills of the future’ (such as AI, coding, and epidemiology), the emirate is the perfect choice for young minds aiming for the stars.

Last year, Abu Dhabi launched the Technology Innovation Institute, whose seven pillars are quantum research; autonomous robotics; cryptography; advanced materials; digital security; directed energy; and secure systems.

Investor talent

Long-term visas will be reserved in this field for proven entrepeneurs, especially those looking to invest in financial services, ICT, health services and biopharma, AgTech, tourism, and real estate.

Abu Dhabi has negotiated its way to being ‘a global start-up hub’, with proven form in cultivating future tech FinTech, AgTech, HealthTech and EdTech firms.

Sport, healthcare, education and engineering talent

Abu Dhabi is focused on maintaining its diverse skill set. Making your home here gives you access to one of the best connected global trade hubs, a thriving private sector, a safe, secure and tolerant society, and of course *gestures broadly around* all of this…

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