Got any change?

It’s no secret that working out in Dubai can get quite pricey. Even with long-term memberships, lifestyle apps, and special offers, we can’t remember the last time we got a sweat on for just Dh1.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at the new Bare DXB branch in That Concept Store, Mall of the Emirates. The brand new studio comes equipped with everything you could need for an intense sweaty session, in one of its hype-worthy classes.

The training session set to put you through your paces is split into two intense parts. Fat blasting is on the agenda with the brand new ‘SkillRun’ treadmills, as well as barbell strength building exercises to get those muscles looking well defined.

Whether you’re a Bare regular or a total newbie, the Dh1 class is open to everyone, but you’ll need to take part between Sunday March 28 and Saturday April 3. Classes kick off from 7am on weekdays, 9.30am on Fridays and 10am on Saturdays.

During the week you can also book at class at 9.30am and 5.30pm. Depending on your goals, each class has a different focus. There’s legs and abs, chest arms and abs, full body conditioning, upper body focus with back and arms.

The classes are designed to help you build lean muscle, strength and performance with unrivalled fat burning. Expect a challenging workout, in an uplifting environment, where the only competition you’ll face is yourself.

There’s five different instructors, who all come with their own experience and area of expertise. Taking on a new class in a new gym can be daunting to some, but the team is there to help you feel at ease from the get-go.

Bare DXB, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha, March 28 to April 3, 7am onwards, Dh1. Tel: (0)5 445 5059.