We happen to agree…

With its almost year-round sunshine, sandy beaches and cool work-life balance, it’s hardly surprising that the UAE draws people from all over the world to live and work here. Now the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, along with Dubai have been named in the top five of the world’s best cities to work in.

A recent study, conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Bayt.com., released in March 2021 revealed the news. A considerable 209,000 people took part in the study. These people came from all over the world – 190 countries to be exact, to name their preferred cities and countries to work in.

In the top ten of ‘cities to work in’ came first London, at number one, followed by Amsterdam, then Dubai at number three. In at number four came Berlin, closely followed at number five by Abu Dhabi. At sixth pace was Tokyo, followed by Singapore, New York, Barcelona and then Sydney in tenth place.

From the study, BCG and Bayt.com also identified the top ten countries in the world to work in. Unfortunately, the UAE didn’t make it into this list, however it did come in at number 13 on the list of global countries, jumping six places from a previous study.

Dr Christopher Daniel, managing director (MD) and partner, BCG Middle East attributed the UAE’s leading actions in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as it being ‘less impacted by the global pandemic than other countries.

He said, “The UAE’s status as being less impacted by the pandemic than other countries is a key factor behind its heightened appeal on the world stage, with several notable cities considered much less appealing compared to two years ago.”

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