Sponsored: Thinking of moving on? You might want to print this out…

If you’ve decided to leave the UAE for good, it’s not as simple as packing your bags and heading to the airport. From finalising contracts and selling household goods, to tying up any loose ends once you leave the country, making the big move can be a stressful time.

Don’t leave it all until the last minute though – give yourself a good couple of months to get everything in order before you jet off. If you’re planning on moving away from the UAE, print this out and tick the things off as you go.

What you need to do before leaving the UAE

Telecommunication services

  1. In case you have any postpaid services from your telco provider, don’t forget to cancel them at least 48 hours before heading to the airport.
  2. Make sure to pay all the outstanding balance for all your lines: home services as well as voice for all your family members.

Do you need to keep your mobile number active to coordinate removalists, sell your car, look for work, or simply keep in touch with loved ones. Now, Etisalat is helping to ease some of the stress associated with moving, thanks to its Homebound pack.

Etisalat has a solution to help

Homebound allows Etisalat customers to keep their existing mobile number for 30 to 60 days once they’ve left the UAE. Homebound packs start at Dhs105 including VAT for 100 voice minutes, 1GB of data and 50 universal messages, with a 30-day validity. Get non-stop* data, voice and SMS for 30 days for Dhs420, or spend Dhs630 for 60 days of non-stop* data, voice and SMS.

After your chosen period, the SIM will be automatically disconnected, and you’ll be free of any obligations to Etisalat.

To find out more about extending your UAE number with Etisalat and taking the hassle out of moving, visit: etisalat.ae/homeboundpack

*Non-stop packs can be used locally or abroad with preferred roaming partners.

Accommodation and utilities

  1. Give notice to your landlord in accordance with your lease.
  2. Request and collect utilities clearance certificates, and collect any outstanding deposits.
  3. Cancel your contracts with your internet, TV providers, and any other phone contracts.
  4. Cancel your home contents insurance policy.
  5. Return the keys to your landlord and collect any outstanding deposits. You may need to have original receipts to do this.
  6. Purchase a Homebound pack from Etisalat. This will enable you to keep your UAE phone number active for 30 to 60 days after leaving the country, allowing you to tie up any loose ends once you’ve departed.

Property, cars and possessions

  1. If you have a property you wish to sell or rent, you will need to engage the services of an agent if you are leaving the UAE.
  2. If you rent a property, make sure you give the required notice in your contract or you may be liable for a further payment.
  3. Sell your car before you leave or leave a Power of Attorney with a friend or colleague to sell it for you. If you do use a Power of Attorney, you will need a local lawyer to advise you on this.
  4. Check for outstanding traffic fines.
  5. Remember to cancel your Salik tag if you have one.
  6. Your insurance company may offer a rebate when the car is sold.
  7. Get quotes for removals. It can take six weeks or longer to ship your belongings home.
  8. Remember to get your shipping insured and consider the cost of storage if required.

Employment and visas

  1. If your contract is coming to an end, you will need to hand over your passport temporarily to your employer who will cancel your residence visa.
  2. Failure to do so could delay your departure or mean you are marked on the immigration system as an absconder.
  3. Request your gratuity payout statement and payment from your employer.
  4. If you are terminating your employment then you will need to give the required period of notice.
  5. Return medical cards.

Bank accounts, credit cards and loans

  1. Remember to clear all your debts before you leave the UAE. Non-payment of a debt is a criminal offense and could result in arrest and a possible prison sentence. If you have outstanding debts you may not be able to leave the country or you may be stopped and arrested if you try to come back to, or even transit through the UAE.
  2. Keep copies of all documents relating to closed accounts.
  3. Cancel any credit cards, loans and overdrafts with the bank. It can take up to two months to complete all the paperwork.
  4. Close any bank accounts if no longer required.
  5. Request a bank clearance letter for your employer.

To find out more about Etisalat’s Homebound pack, visit: etisalat.ae/homeboundpack